Color/quality difference between stationary and static lit meshes

Hi all,

I have always used static lights and meshes set to static but I am dipping my toes into the dynamic world.

The scene I am experimenting with is a room with 4 lights, 1 stationary and 3 static lights.
The meshes are split between stationary setting and static. The reason behind stationary set meshes is to be able to swap them out in real time (not move them, just replace meshes) and have them cast a dynamic shadow.

As you can see from the photos, the stationary light and stationary set meshes look “off” and bright when compared to static. I want them to look similar to each other.

I do not have distance field shadows on – I am wondering if this may or may not affect it.

Thanks for any input.

You can’t make dynamic lighting match static lighting

I tried mesh distance field with a moveable skylight and it looks way better. I don’t need it to match 100%, looking for a solution to make those stationary assets not as bright.

After even more testing, I am using a stationary skylight with a cubemap and it removed the brightness. The two are near indistinguishable, only subtle difference is the shadowing on the static is a bit darker but this is super clear.