Color picker does not change the color of a Vector Parameter in a Material Instance

Hello everyone. we updated to 4.25 and saw the bug with material instance is not updating colors on runtime anymore. we need to press always the okay button. thats is sadly a lot ineffective. We saw that there is allready an entry in the Issue Tracker. But it says on the right “By Design”. What does that mean? Is it supposed to behave like this? If yes, can we get a button to turn the runtime preview change on again?

greets Phil

hey there. in this bug report, it s not about runtime but just in the editor. the by design, just meant it s supposed to work like that.(this means the editor waits for the mouse realease before updating color)
in your case if it s at runtime, your bug might be somewhere else

maybe we have a misunderstanding. runtime was maybe the wrong word.

So let me try to explain again. I open the color picker and select a color. i expect ue4 to change the color, after i release the mouse button. But since 4.25 (skipped 4.24) it doesnt do that anymore.

I need to press the okay button to switch the color. All in editor editing.

yeah so it s not a bug, it s how it is now supposed to work. that s what 'by design" mean. maybe they ll change in an other version but not sure :confused: