Color over life, Particle Alpha fade

Another day another question. I working with particle emiters today and I wish to have this particle system fade the particles out. so they don’t just pop out of exsistance. I could have sworn I have this set up right as far as what documentation I have found.
maybe I am totally wrong maybe there just some checkbox I not aware of anyway I’d appreciate the help.

here is my material setup;

and here is the particle setup;

got this far from an old imbueFX tutorial, thought it may still work with UE4, so far cascade hasn’t changed much.

You need a Color over Life module, not Scale Color/Life.

I did color over life first, tried scale over life next after watching a youtube tutorial. both same effect no fade.

Hi McTune -

Change your Vertex Color to a Particle Color in the material and it will work with the Color over life.

I knew it would be something I never heard of. Thank you particle color in material, totally worked

Was having the same problem! Thank you so much!


I have the same question


Any idea why this Alpha over life isn’t working for me? I’m trying to have the particles fade in and out, but they spawn at 100% visibility for some weird reason.

The material is using Particle color as it’s a modified version of the steam particle in the starter content.

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I was still struggling at this point too. Finally some obscure Reddit post solved it for me. Make sure that in the material your particle uses, it’s somehow plugging the alpha channel of the Particle Color into the opacity input of your material.
My issue was that I didn’t create the material and it had a hard-coded opacity value.

Thanks for the reply. Sadly, I don’t receive what this was from or if I ever got it working. Lol