Color Grading with cube files

As it stands, LUTs in UE4 are strictly an srgb color space modification, and pretty wonky to deal with as image files. Colorists using truelight/resolve, etc are used to working with text-based lut files that are easily shared and exported/imported. Often, these are not just 1D luts, but 3D luts or cube files. They are commonplace in professional workflows and are global operations to simply reach a base level of “look” to where and artist can blend it with their own tweaks.

Given the excellent work done in 4.15 to support ACES color workflow, and much improved tonemapping and grading controls…
Would it be possible for unreal to import a cube instead of the srgb image file so that our colorists can grade a scene quickly and easily using their preferred tools?
It’s clear Epic has been giving the color workflow some serious consideration. Have there been any thoughts on your side regarding this?

Thanks for any info!

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+1. Being able to use the exported .cube LUT straight from Resolve would be great.

+1 It could be soo useful.

Here is a link that one guy developed an implementation for multiple types of luts. You can contact him for his solution. :slight_smile:

Hello there :slight_smile:
Any news on that front from Epic, please ?
I’ve seen Mougli’s post : CUBE LUTs direct support - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums
But it seems pretty quiet for a while … :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your help.


Any update on native .cube file support?

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