Color Flash on Widget Blueprint

Hello! I am creating a little game for my friends that want to argue over who has the best pc gaming response. I have included a picture of the base UI for reference. One feature I am having trouble figuring out is how to make the increments flash. So each stimulus will appear on each side of the screen. One for keyboard, one for mouse. Lets say the keyboard stimulus is 5. The user hits 7. I would like to make the mouse missed variable flash red for like .5 seconds on increment. Same with correct but on correct hits and green. How would I go about this? If you can include a screenshot of the basic code I am a very visual leaner. I am fairly new to UE4 but I think this feature would make a big difference. Thank you!

Hi, in your widget you could add an image under each increment (you might wanna use an overlay so you can better align them).

Then you would create a material for the image. The material should have 2 parameters, one for the color of the flash and one for the opacity (you don’t wanna see the flash all the time)

Then you can change the color and the opacity of that image from blueprints (I would do it inside the widget).

Opacity of 1 means its fully opaque and opacity of 0 means its fully invisible.

Seems to me that you have 6 increments, so you would need 6 images and then have 6 dynamic materials. So I would put the dynamic materials in an array and then then get them by the index (so I would make a function that takes the index, a color and the opacity as input and then sets the color and opacity of the dynamic material with that index). I would make that function inside the widget.