Color Correction Color Grading / LUT Differences/Inconsistencies

Hello everybody!
First topic here.
I’m seeking for your expertise.

So, the game I’m trying to mod is PES 2020.
Apparently, while PES is using FOX ENGINE, they’ve introduced some elements from UE4 as that’s the Engine they’ll be using in upcoming versions.
Up until PES 2019, when it was purely FOX ENGINE, I never had any problems editing the game’s original LUT and making all sorts of color corrections. But now, the game doesn’t quite reflect what I do in Photoshop.

Now, the game’s native LUT texture is 33x33x33. I’ve exported it and worked with it as I always have: Loading an untouched screenshot into Photoshop, loading the default LUT, making the corrections, then exporting the LUT and importing it back to the game.

Below you can find all the stages.

Original Screenshot:

Color Correction in Photoshop:

Ingame Outcome:


Please, anybody?.