Color Booster and Height map, where do i put them?

Just started doing some materials.
Obviously I read up on what albedo is and everything so i understand WHAT MOST of these are.
Then I down loaded some materials from
I dont understand in unread WHERE i attach the height texture to the output.

Also ONE of the materials has a base color then a BASE COLOR BOOSTER file.
I dont know what that is and couldnt find one while googling (all i get is a bunch of talk about android/google displays) What is that? And how do i attach it?

heightmap example: 1.11 - World Displacement | Unreal Engine Documentation

I suspect color booster is a term coined by the artist that made that file. could you link to the textures you downloaded?

Here is the link to the page where I got one of them:
this has the base “colorboosted” (attaching the file also)

And here is one with a height:

(on the attached file I cropped it to about 1/4 size as it was too large to upload)

Obviously mine looks nothing like the picture even when I put them in different nodes. I got the Unreal package at the bottom, so in theory at least it is intended that it be used with unreal.


The color boost is likely meant to be used with the base color texture with a multiply or Blend_Overlay node combining the textures. Color booster isn’t a standard practice, so how it’s intended to be implemented will vary.

You probably don’t need the height map if you have a normal map, if you don’t have a normal map, you should generate one using the height map.

Ah thanks!
I do think that one was missing a normal and I just plugged it in there thinking that’s what it meant…but everything was basically reversed by it. The planks looked really flat without the grooves…

I do appreciate the answers and help! Still so new to this and trying to learn so many things at once.

for the gold mat you’ll need to multiply the roughness value by ten-ish to get the scratches to show up.


i’m not impressed that you knew I needed to multiply

i’m impressed you knew it was 10 for it to be visible…(i went to 20 to make them really show…)