Color and Lighting help needed

This was a great tip video, and the art style for that game is exactly what I had envisioned for my game. Any ideas how to translate the concepts of dynamic color strip skylights and atmospheric fog to Unreal Engine?

There are already a few threads on here or UDN about the atmospheric fog through a post-process material and the color gradient. They work pretty well, but have their own issues, depending on the type of scene you use them in.

As far as the color strip skylights(I haven’t watched the video in a long time), I’m not sure what you mean by that, but a LUT or in-editor color grading can change your entire scene. There are a *lot *of options in the newer builds, so… have fun

I guess the main thing that I need some guidance on is A) how to create the dynamic sky that she talks about [since my game is mostly outdoors] and B) a way to create the color changing effect for day and night [I love how colorful the Firewatch scenes are and it’s the perfect aesthetic for my open world game] So I’m looking for tutorials on how to do this and am only finding things on directional light and static sky spheres. This is foreign territory for me as a true novice and more of a programmer than an artist. And so the more detail the better.