Our latest dev update video for Colony[SUP]2[/SUP].

Quests: Part 2


Update for the week of 22 Oct:

Base male character and first NPC race

Dev update for Nov. 4:

Overland Encounter Prototype

Dev update for 11/14/16:

Another overland encounter

Dev update for 11/20/16:


We’ve made a good bit of progress with our evil minon.

Moving crates and short battle with Miners

We have begun working on moving supply crates (and other game items) about and show a short battle with a group of Miners.

Hi Rhynedahll, this is looking really good. I’m enjoying the DevLogs. Keep up the great work.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

As opposed to games where it encourages a free for all sort of, it’s nice to see a game where it encourages a cooperative effort to destroy that ultimate evil you mentioned.

As we began writing our design document, one of our guiding principles was that we were, first and foremost, creating a role playing game. One of the principal foundations, we believe, of good role playing is cooperation. All of our quests and encounters will be constructed on the presumption that a group, either formal or informal, of players will work together to complete them.

That being said, we will not be creating any arbitrary game mechanics (no group only restrictions save for puzzles that require two actions to be performed at the same time) that exclude solo players or smaller groups from attempting quests or other challenges and most of the larger quests, especially the ones in the upper tiers, will have several completion paths. Some of these will allow a determined and talented solo player – albeit by dint of an Herculean effort and extreme expense in terms of resources and time – to complete the quest.

The Heruclean effort; that does really add a nice touch, I think. It doesn’t have to be about that group experience but it is a nice option. Even better is the choice to go alone or with a group is pretty nice.

Dev Update 12/12/2016

Camping Framework, Apple Trees, and Rat swarms

Prototyping Flying Combat

Update for 12/18/2016

DevUpdate #10: Compass, Flare, and Darkness

This shows some of what we have been working on this week.

What makes Colony2 different?

No dev update this week. Here’s a compilation of some of the features that make Colony2 different from the average game.

Dev Update #11

Our development update for this week is a short clip from a play test.

We’re going to put a new YouTube dev update up in a couple of days, but it will simply reflect our change from LPVs to VXGI.

The following in editor screenshots show the difference in an interior scene.

No GI:




No GI:




April Dev Update