Colonoscopy simulator for semester project

I need to make a colonoscopy simulator for my semester project. It should work like a flying simulator, where the player steers a “snake” though a course of intertwined pipes, so up, down, left and right. The snake should only move forward when the player makes it do so. The program should then count how many times the head of the snake touches the wall and how fast they are able to complete the course. It does not have to look like a colon at all though.
However I am a total noob in using Unreal Engine and have never made a 3D/VR game/enviroment before.
So if anyboy has any advice of how to do this the most painless way please let me know :slight_smile:
Also if anybody can tell me how the make a hollow cylinder I would really appreciate this :slight_smile:
Love Christina

Hi Christina,
To make an hollow cylinder (pipe) you can use Blender. Make sure the walls have some thickness, so you have proper collisions. Once you have built your “colon” model in Unreal, you can use a DefaultPawn, which has a flying movement component, to fly through it. It may be easier to start from a flying vehicle template. The flying vehicle is in this case the tip of your probe.
Then you need to monitor the hit events between the probe and the walls and count how many times such hits occur. Make sure the pipes simulating the colon have a proper collision volume around them.
Hope this helps! If you never worked with Unreal before you have a steep learning curve in front of you, but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube you can refer to. Focus on those covering flying vehicles.