Collision with VR hand holding an object + skeletal mesh without simulated physics.

Edit: Just made it easier to read and understand.

So. I have character A who needs to slump when shot in VR. Right now it goes:
1.Character A doesn’t have simulate physics on and stands this way
2. When shot, Character A:s set simulate gets turned on and it slumps to the ground.

The problem is that to do it this way requires the physics of the character to be turned off. This also makes it so that i cannot press the “gun” to the character in vr (The “gun” is an object you can pickup in the VR world.), which is required as it just slides right through. I tried to it another way with having the joints be unflexing unless the character is shot but that went nowhere.)

Is there a reasonable way for me to do this somehow? Im really at my wits end.

Can you restate the problem, perhaps with a short video clip to explain what you mean? This sounds very solvable but I don’t quite understand the precise problem/desired end-state.

Hi! Just tried to rewrite my original post since it was a mess. Hopefully this is a bit better readable!

I think what you are trying to do is something like this ? @1:31

If thats the case you need to learn about **physical animation **and how to apply it

Will certainly look into this! The axe hit around 3.30 looks to be prettu much what im looking for. Also as a possibly quicker fix for this particular problem ill be checking out some constraint guides (idea being i string the character between ground and ceiling and destroy those constraints at appropriate time to make the character slump)

Thank you so much for your input!