Collision with static meshes

I have a mesh that should collide with other static meshes (and trigger “OnActorHit”)

The mesh has a collision (i can walk around on it)

That thing can’t even trigger a BoxTrigger with “OnActorBeginOverlap”

The only thing that is able to trigger “OnActorHit” is a bullet that i fired. (if i place one in the level manually, it does not work)

That thing just moves through static walls, and I need it to stop when it hits a wall. (otherwise the player would be able to move it to a place where he cannot see it)

I even tried “OnActorBeginOverlap” for the Mesh and a Trigger Box… not working.

how you make the mesh move??

vectors, its a mess in my blueprint :smiley: (squeezed everything to get it on one picture - but i need working collision -.-)

Almost Three Years later…Have you finish the blueprint?