Collision with skeletal mesh

is it possible to collide with skeletal mesh (no capsule component)?


Just assign a physic asset

Ehhmm, please look at my configuration. It still doesn’t collide with each other:

What exactly are you asking for? :slight_smile: e.g do you want to have a collision which blocks the player when he runs into the skeletal mesh?

My player run projectile to enemy skeletal mesh, when projectile collide with enemy skeletal mesh I want to spawn particle exactly on the place when hit this projectile… I can’t achieve this with simple collision capsule because it’s not as precise…

Ah, you want to create something like bullet impacts/blood splash -> I would recommend you to take a look at the shooter demo from epic games, because there you can see how they have made it

The problem is that at the shooter demo is programmed in C++. I want to do this with Blueprint.