Collision volumes (this really shouldn't be difficult)

Hi all, I’m having a serious issue with what should be a fairly simple setup and would appreciate some help…

Firstly, I have a blueprint actor with four separate collision boxes. These are each sized and moved during level setup (map size is variable) and have the following settings:

Secondly, I have my pawn. Floating movement; no mesh; sphere as root, and a collision box with extents determined by the camera frustum. Settings:

For some inexplicable reason, the map bounding collision boxes will block pawn’s root-sphere, but no matter what settings I use they will not block the pawn’s collision box:

(red lines are the map’s collision boxes; yellow is the pawn’s. white circle in the middle is the root sphere turned on for testing. to the right of the map collision box is “out of bounds”)

Also, if anyone can tell me why my skysphere is so ridiculously over-exposed I’d bve eternally grateful. it doesn’t look anything like that in the editor…

Hi, your additional collision boxes will never affect movement collision.

From the API of UFloatingPawnMovement

So by default for movement it will use the collision of your root component (that is the UpdatedComponent by default) but it will only ever use one component for movement collision. So you will need to come up with some workaround (e. g. make an appropriate mesh for your root component so that it is sufficient to only use that for all movement collision instead of making a patchwork of several objects).

Ok, that helps. Thanks for the answer.

I’ll try switching out the root component sphere for either a cube or the blocking volume itself, and apply the frustum calcs to that…