Collision Remains After Destroying

Hello. I destroy a blocking volume of a cube when character overlaps a trigger but their collision still remains on the level. I tried changing the collision before destroying or moving it -Z before destroying. nothing works, collision is always there. and I checked there is no other collision there as well.

Can anyone help?

Does anyone know?

Can you post your Blueprint code? Do you disable collision before you destroy the actor? the screen shots will really help to determine where the problem is.

There is no way to have a collision , if Destroy is called !

No one can really help you if there is no screenshot of the process (100% you are doing something wrong, so it’s impossible to us to predict what is wrong )

Yes I wrote to the post. Tried disabling collision before destroying, or destroy after disable collision. I even tried to move the block with matinee and that doesn’t work either. There is no point on posting screenshots. It’s just trigger and then destroy or disable collision. Doesn’t work. I did those with blocking volume and a cube. None.

lol Why would I lie? Now you put that exclamation mark, my problem is solved!

I already wrote what is wrong. Here, you want to see this?

Yes I did. I even played it with the cube is visible. Cube is gone but collision stays.

4.15 for a couple of months.

Have you tried to put a print node after destroy to see if it’s really executed ?

what version of the engine are you using ?

Try one of this 2 solution ,

1- Set you collision actor mobility de Movable


2- After Destroy function , put a “Dealy” of ‘0’ then call “Collect Garbage”

if the actor is destroyed and by any chance the collision remains , if Garbage Collection is called and you still have the collision there , then there is something wrong with that map or project , because of a crash or something !

And you dont have another Actor or Volume at the same Position right? Because I never seen that fail.

No, I’ve tried. Just 1.

It’s already moveable. and 2nd solution didn’t work.

Allright, lets try filter some possibilities out. New Level same Setup just a floor, trigger, a light and the cube. Does the Collision still stays?

Yes probably.

I tried on a new default level. Same.

I tried it on 4.17. Still remains. I guess I need someone from Epic or super experienced. I used it before, now it does not work.

I tried to make a blueprint. It didn’t work at first either. Then I saw ‘dynamic obstacle’ option on the collision. Now it works, but it still does not work with boxes or blocking volumes on the level blueprint.