Collision regarding subtractive brushes

Hey there,

I’m creating different rooms that I want to convert to meshes later. Everytime I convert the BSP brushes (which also include substractive ones for the doors) the whole room does not have any collision. If I add a simple box collision the whole room will blockall, but I want to be able to go through the door.

My question is: Do I really have to set up the whole collision myself by copying and pasting the collision boxes? Or is there any easier way?

Thanks in advance

Firstly you should have the mesh that includes both additive AND subtractive geometry. Open the mesh(from content browser) for editing.Then add Simple Box Collision (Which u have done). On the Right Hand Side, under Static Mesh Settings choose collision complexity(from dropdown) as shown in the image


Awesome! Thank you very much, it works perfectly.