Collision Problem

I am having trouble getting the collision to work. Im using the vr template and it works almost never. When I pick up a cube and place it on another one most of the time they go in each other and fling around the map.

I’ve created a game multiple times using the template and it keeps happening. This time I didn’t even change the name in case that somehow did something.
How do I fix this?

Showing what I mean by the collision doesn’t work.

I wish to know the answer to this too, if there is a simple solution to this. I saw VRExpansionPlugin Packaged Demo doesnt have this problem.

I wanna use the VRExpansionPlugin template because its so much better but im having trouble getting that to install since I dont have visual studio 15 or 17

The cubes in my template are physically gripped, they aren’t attached unless you change the grip type. Regardless dropped attachments shouldn’t fall right through simulating bodies.

Visual studio community edition is free, and even if you don’t end up using my plugin I would suggest you get and install it, because you will need a compatible compiler with this engine eventually, even if only to bring a plugin up to a new engine version or to copy code samples into your project.

ive installed the community edition and it said my trial for it was over and i had to go buy a subscription. I might have just been doing it wrong somehow. Im trying it again now

Edit: I got VS Community Edition to work. idk why it didnt work last time