Collision Hull Questions


Can you use a plane for collision in UE4 or does it have to be a box or something that is “intact”?
For example: If I am making a floor which is just a plane. Do I have to add a box for a collision, or can I just use a plane?

The plane does have collision set up, you can see that by double clicking on the plane mesh, which opens the static mesh editor window, and click on the “collision” button, or there’s some text saying “Num collision Primitives: 1”.
If it did not, or you import a static mesh and forget to check some import settings, you would have to add a more or less complex collision manually.

If a mesh does not have collision primitives, there will not be collision.

Additionally, once something has collision, you must also set up its collision presets.

Thank you for your answer, the problem is that I have created a room using planes, so the walls, floor and ceiling are one sided. I tried adding a collision hull made out of planes, but they were (for some reason) transformed in the editor too Boxes. Which makes me believe that the editor doesn’t support planes as collision Hulls.
So the real question is: Is it possible to make a collision hull out of planes in your 3D Application? Does Unreal know how to handle a plane as a Collision, or does it have to be an enclosed mesh?

I don’t know what you mean by hull, or how it is not working. When I have a character with the capsule collision and I add a plane to the scene, the character will collide with it no matter where it is located or at what angle. So there is collision even from a see-through angle.

Alright, think of it like this. There is a wall in your game, this wall doesn’t have a thickness, it is a plane in other words. If I were to use my 3D Modelling software and create a collision for this, do I have to create a box or can it be another plane on top of it in order for it to have collision. (The whole UCX_NameOfModel shenanigans). NOTE that I am not generating anything from ue4, all I want to do is to create the collision myself.