Collab Viewer project in XR working but fps too low.

I have tried the XR template and Collab Viewer template in VR using my Samsung Odyssey WMR headset, in UE 4.27. I am excited that both templates are working out of the box. However, the Collab Viewer template has black edges when I pan around and jerky, perhaps the refresh rate is too slow. The XR template is nice and smooth.
I understand the building with glass walls and shadow in the Collab Viewer scene may cause fps too slow. I am new to UE. How to tweak the settings to improve the fps?

is collab viewer template working for you if host and client are not on same network? i could not connect to server if i join as client from machine which is not in same LAN network

The scene comes with dynamic lighting by default. Change it to static lighting and you’ll see a performance increase.

You have to make sure that the port you’re hosting on is set to forward the data. Unreal is using port 7777 by default. This is specific to your home network configuration, but google the brand/model of your router and “port forwarding” and you’ll find information on how to do it.

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