Collab scene template not working in VR


I’m following this guide here, but the package won’t recognize that we have a VR headset (Vive) plugged in, so doesn’t show the option to enter VR

When we “VR Preview” in the editor it works, and if I change the project settings to load the CollaborativeViewer_P map then it also works. This, however, bypasses the multiplayer setup.

Has anyone else found these problems, or even overcome them?

Thanks in advance!


I’m having a similar issue. I can get the first user VR controls working, but the second user has only desktop controls. There’s probably a button you need to push somewhere hidden in a blueprint to enable VR. So frustrating…

我也是。Oculus CV 1驱动 1.4版本以上,win7 64 位系统。4.23场景协作模板,编辑器中VR模式不能使用手柄。 4.22版本编辑器2个月前产品查看器还好用,这次打开,在编辑中VR模式完全无法进入。