Code usage in a non-game application

I would like to create an Unreal 4 powered application that has the following features:

  • Supports importing a scene (geometry, materials and lights).
  • Supports minor tweaking of light sources and materials etc.
  • Supports baking light “automatically” by using Lightmass.

Am I allowed to use Unreal 4 to create such an application?

In the EULA FAQ I read:

“Unless you are only shipping your game to other UE4 licensees, you can’t include the UE4 editor or other tools in your game. You are permitted to include editor or tools of your own creation, but they can’t be based on Epic’s editor or tools. Your editor or tool is based on Epic’s if it statically or dynamically links to modules in the Editor or Developer source code folders.”

I do not want to utilize the UI of the Unreal Editor merely the underlying functionality.

Many thanks!

The EULA has the following prohibition, which I understand your proposal trips over:

the Product may not consist of or contain any Engine Tools (i.e., the Product may not Distribute or statically or dynamically link against modules in either the Developer or Editor source folders)

Thanks for the swift answer! :slight_smile: By looking closer at the code base I see that I can proceed creating this application without any need to link against modules in neither Developer nor Editor folders. If you can think of anything else in the EULA that I might have missed please let me know. Thanks again!