Code plugin: how to override project refresh menu item

(experienced C++ dev, brand new to Unreal)

I have written a “code accessor” plugin so I can use an unsupported IDE.

The File menu automatically creates an item “Refresh {0} Project” using the IDE name from my plugin.

This (eventually) calls the platform-specific FDesktopPlatformBase::GenerateProjectFiles() which (on macOS) only generates an Xcode workspace.

How do I replace/override this to generate my own IDE project file? I don’t see any hooks or opportunity to get at this functionality. There doesn’t seem to be anything in ISourceCodeAccessor (which is where I would expect it).

So I haven’t figured out a solution yet.

I am sort of working around it by creating my own menus (using FMenuBuilder) to do what the “Refresh {0} Project” and “Open {0}” menu items should do.

Unfortunately this is confusing because now they are duplicated and the built-in menus will continue to do the wrong thing…