Cockpit Screens and displaying Info and Graphics (best place to start)

Iv’e been trying to create a Cockpit sim for a while now on and off.
I would like suggestions on the proper or best method to display information & graphics about my Gunship on the internal cockpit screens in a similar way to games like Elite dangerous
I want to display ship information like
and also my ships target
and possible zoom camera on a screen.
But am unsure of the best path to follow.


Now that 3D widget components left the experimental state, I personally would go with those. Create UMG widgets, one for each screen you want up there. You can then create a blueprint that contains all those widgets, put it in your cockpit and rotate the widgets to match the rotation and location of those screens. You can pass any game world data (ammunition, radar, velocity and all that) to those widgets in order to display it to the user.

Have a look at those: