Co-Op multiplayer prototype 'GUNDWARF'

In the last few weeks I’ve been learning C++ and also some animation and rigging ( my expertise is in environment art, so I had a lot to learn!) And today we had our first playtest and I personally REALLY enjoyed it and so wanted to share with you guys!

Please note that there is A LOT wrong with what you see. The art will not be looking like this, I am still exploring part( it will probably be mean looking dwarfs but in miniature format wielding modern guns! I know it’s a weird combo, but it might be fun!) At the moment it’s just the character ‘cartoonified’ for laughs and giggles. We will start concepting the art soon! I hope you enjoy this.



It was really fun to play. I take no responsibility for any profanity used!

Looks pretty fun so far! Well done.

I must say I know is just a prototype right now, but I would play the hell out of over Counter-Strike right now like all day! Need some help testing haha?!

game project seems to be pretty cool so far, looks like fun :wink:
Keep up the work!

nice cant wait to see how goes along :smiley:

Great job ! That game looks so much fun to play with friends. Keep up the fantastic work and be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in the development of GUNDWARF!

Thanks guys! Glad you like it so far :smiley:

@87Kevo, once we get a proper and secure way of testing the game I’ll definately ask you to help us out! Cheers :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic!

Very cool … ziet er strak uit.

Somehow I keep seeing steam-holes in the the ground that launch you into the air “for a high up shot opportunity” :slight_smile:

HA, at moment I’m working on some jumping platforms which will shoot you through the map. It’s currently just for fun since it’s so easy to add these things. But yeah I’m hoping it will add to the fun when you shoot someone mid-air!

Great job.
Why not using BLueprints to make the multiplayer ? And was it complicated to code in C++ multiplayer code and characters control ?

Hey Galeon, I just chose C++ because I felt like my graphs were getting too unorganized( that’s more my fault than unreals :slight_smile: ) and no it wasn’t that complicated because I had a lot of code to learn from. it WAS complicated for me tho, since is my first real interaction with c++. Epic responds pretty fast so it was pretty painless to get it up and running.

looks really fun, I like the crosshair and aiming concept, it’s really nice.
The gun sound is a little weird to listen to ( sound’s like it’s far away, but it’s right in your air. ).
Anyway, it seems like a fun coop game with multiple people and friends. Keep up the work!

thanks , yeah the sound is being worked on :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback.

is the video for todays playtest. Mostly fixes and re-doing networking stuff in a proper way :slight_smile:

Some more progress:

I used the new 4.4 build with UMG to build my UI with it. It includes a server browser!

took me a minute to figure it out, your map resembles cod4s shipment :stuck_out_tongue: looks cool

Cool stuff man. Would love some details on how you setup your server browser :slight_smile:

The menu looks really cool, nice job and progress!

Looks like real fun to play.

I would also love to see how server browser was done if you have time.