CMU Flite Text to Speech plugin for Unreal Engine

Hello, I’m trying to make a Text to Speech plugin for Unreal engine as I did not find any one available.
This plugin is built upon FLITE (CMU Festival Lite) libraries which I’ve ported to Visual Studio 2015.

The current sources (Flite VS2015 and plugin) are on Github here: GitHub - ideoservo/FliteTTSPlugin: Unreal Engine Flite Text To Speech Plugin

Unfortunately at the moment it is not 100% functional and I’m looking for help/hints to finish it because of the following issues:
•It can be built in Win32 and in x64 but only works in Win32 (which is annoying for Unreal Engine)
•I have “lib not found” issues on some targets including Unreal Editor one
•It is only compatible for Windows at the moment (but as FLITE is cross plateform I expect it could be ported to other plateforms)

Any help would be apreciated (maybe a working TTS feature would interest someone ?)
Thanks !

This is a great idea. Have you put any more work into the project?

nope. You are free to continue the project as you wish.

Hi, I want to work on the flitetts plugin, but when I build the ue project I get the error “cannot open file fliteDLL.lib”. I built the flite vcxproj for Release and I got an fliteDll.pdb file and some cmu.obj files. I also buit the project for Debug and I got a flite.lib and cst.obj files. I am a beginner programmer. Can you tell me what to do? Thankyou

I managed to get this work: