Clouds: Volumetric & Dynamic?

I was wondering if there is already a solution out there, that simulates volumetric and dynamic cloud formations?

Something like… Oblivion style… if you have a drone or flying object, the clouds kinda react to the animated mesh.
Is there anything like that out there and doable / possible?

Thanks a lot!

While you could create some volumetric clouds I don’t think you could do enough detail in a simulation for something that small, you’d really need an actual fluid simulation for that

Simulation is a though subject, there are just too many cloud formation types to have a reliable way to simulate all those scenarios and that will fit artistically a scene. You will always need both approaches: simulation + ability to interfere artistically. I have an asset which is completely focused on the artistic part only and I am developing another one which will have simulation and will produce very high detailed cloud formations, but it will take a long time to have it finished, since there are several things in the way: new UE4 engine changes and Realtime Raytracing, so these are already a lot of things to take into consideration and study at the engine source code for me.

This is the Cloudscape Seasons with artistic concern only and which I am about to deliver a huge update soon:

And this is the one (Sky Seasons) which will include simulation and better resolution on the details and very WIP atm, since the result you are seen were for a very early engine release:

@remozseo You can visualize pretty easy such cloud formations with the volumetric fog by using the Volume material domain and particles. About such dynamics I am very skeptical to be possible currently. You can simulate the parts that the drones will go through in another 3D package and export it as vdb/alembic.

@NilsonLima Very sweet clouds you have got there. Nice work! :slight_smile: