Cloth Shader Model


there is no Documentation on Cloth shader model and i learn nothing when i play with it .
also people mention there is an example in content examples but my latest version still has the same shader as before.

can u guys explain the Cloth and fuzz color to me ?



Cloth is simply a shading model selection in the Material Properties panel. Once you enable that there will be an option on the Material Attributes pins for Cloth and Fuzz. Cloth shading model allows for physically based rendering that wasn’t used before for these assets. The fuzz color

Fuzz Color - The color of fuzz that you can get with cloth. Use a texture or vector Color node.
Cloth - This will control how strong the fuzz value is. You can use a simple constant value between 0 and 1 to control this or a texture mask if you’d like as well.

The cloth map in Content Examples just changes the shading model so you wouldn’t really know unless you were specifically looking for this change and dissecting the materials.

I hope this helps.


Thank You so much.