Cloth not colliding with Physics asset

So I’ve successfully set up my cloth simulation on my skeletal mesh but for some reason the cloth isn’t colliding with the physics asset of the mesh. The character in question is a woman in a skirt but her thighs are clipping through the skirt rather than pushing it. Any ideas how to fix this?

Ok for anyone else having this issue I figured out what was going wrong. Firstly, there are multiple places to specify the Physics asset and that got me confused. I was applying the Physics asset under the Asset Details instead of the Cloth tab. For some reason (In 4.18) if I applied the physics asset when I created the cloth it wouldn’t work. Secondly, the skirt was too close to the player’s legs so I scaled up the verts so it’s further away from her body on import and then when the cloth is simulated, it falls in towards her legs and stops.

Sadly this means that you can’t really simulate tight form fitting cloth like a skirt. Granted, maybe it would be better to do tight fitting clothing with traditional skinning.

I’ve found this thread when looking for info regarding cloth simulation on skeletal meshes in UE.
Now, after some updates to the cloth simulation, is something like this a reliable solution? Does the body clip through when simulating physics, or is it fairly accurate? Usually clothes like that are just weighted to skeleton and deform with it, but having a way to actually simulate some cloth parts would be very nice.

In my limited experience Cloth Physics simulation is better for loose-fitting clothing, but it’s not bad for tighter fitting clothes like this skirt. You just need to tweak the parameters a lot to get the simulation to look just right. I wish there were more pre-sets for different fabric types out of the box so you didn’t have to do so much experimentation.

I’m just hunting around to deal with some cloth collision issue post and myths. The solution which I discovered for tighter fitting cloth collision can be read here at the very bottom of the site in a comment

and here is some useful tutorial that I have discovered

Interesting approach, but I find that what people do wrong most often is paint wrong distance values because the editor offers very poor control.

To that extent, I went ahead and updated my Blender Plugin, BoneBreaker with an NVCloth visualizer.
Generating multiple Vertex Paint channels for things like backstop and animation multiplier makes it possible to replicate most official NVCloth tutorials - however, I find that even with proper vertex paint and the required values the cloth likes to ignore the normal direction imparted by backstop distance/radius.

Most importanty, I think the bigger issue is having to learn how to weight paint the clothing for the cloth to complement an animation rather than fall through the skinned vertex point and penetrate an underlying mesh.
For instance in a tight fitting skit one should weight paint the back to the pelvis so that it can move freely when walking forward, but have the front at a distance of 3 or less, maybe even just 0 for it to follow the leg movement during a walk cycle. An animation multiplier channel can also help on that.

That said, I really wish they would re-worke the system to allow for the capsules to be more than 12, or to provide a way to use SoftBodies like NVCloth suggests…

Thanks F4ll_ouT, much appreciated!

Got a solution when exporting from Maya: