Cloth, fuzz in MakeMaterialAttributes node?

Is it possible to add cloth and fuzz inputs to the MakeMaterialAttributes node? I want to add cloth and fuzz parameters to my master material function, which will be the base later in a MatLayerBlend_TenLayerBlend node in a layered master material.

Cloth and fuzz inputs appear in the physical material node when changing a material’s shading model to cloth, but I do not see a way to invoke these inputs in the MakeMaterialAttributes node.

Try using subsurface color as the fuzz input in MakeMaterialAttributes.

OK, I’ll give that a shot. But how would I send a mask to the cloth input like I would in a standard material setup?

Figured it out. The input for cloth mask is the MakeMaterialAttributes node is Clear Coat. The SubsurfaceColor input works for the Fuzz amount as @arunodas said above. This is in editor version 4.26.2.

Thank you!

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