Cloning an actor

Hey guys, i’ve struggled with this problem for like 2 days full of searching and i can’t seem to find anything relevant (or at least relevant in my eyes because i’m still a beginner) and as a last resort i thought of asking directly guys with clearly more experience than i have. I made an actor that has no collision as to default and when i keep my “F” key pressed that actor changes collision to “Collision enabled (Query and Physics)” and after i let go of the key the collision goes back to “No Collision”. I need this actor to be placed in many places throughout the level so i tried spawning another one either by drag and drop the blueprint in another location, or by copying and pasting the actor in the World Outliner but whenever i spawn another one the one that already was spawned loses the property of being able to change collision value and so only the last one spawned has collision set to “on” when i have my “F” key pressed. I even tried to create a child component as others guys’ threads with similar problems responses suggested but the problem persist. Any idea on how to solve this issue ?
As a bit of more info (if this matters in any way) i have a box collision set around the static mesh component that is set to whenever the player trigger the “begin overlap event” it stops the “F” key trigger to stop changing the collision from off to on and after the player exits the collision box the “F” key starts working again.

Hi, by default the input gets “consumed”, so it will only fire on one instance. If that is your problem, then that will be solved if you uncheck “consume input” on your “F” key input event.

Thank you so much, that was the thing that fixed my problem.