Clone Character Movement possible ?

Hi there,

is it possible to clone my movement from my character to another charcter, so that i move 2 characters at the same time, absolutely synchronized ?

Why not :slight_smile: just send an event to the other actor whenever you move your character, to pass it your character’s movement data and replicate such movement inside the second actor.

Thx for your answer, IMC.Wander.
How can I do this ? I think the characters would not move at the same time, if I repeat the signal instead of just connecting it to two characters ? However this might be possible, I have no Idea. I am already thinking about it for 2 days.

If you open the BP you use for the player character, in the components section you can right click on the mesh and choose “duplicate”. The duplicated mesh will perform every animation that the original one does. You can offset it’s location so that it isn’t directly on top of the other one.

Interesting approach, but i need to control a second character instead of only a mesh.

You’ll need to spawn another Character on Begin Play is my guess :).

A child actor will reference back to your first, so that can make changes easier.

Are you controlling both with same input?


Mhh what do you mean by that ? I could not establishing a control on both yet, that is why I ask.
I have a MainCharacter I spawn on begin play, and another one (for this explaination I call it “CharacterToControl”) that I spawn by a certain event and I want to make it move sychronized to my MainCharacter and I tried to make it a child of my MainCharacter. But what now ? If I move my MainCharacter, the CharacterToControl does not use any animation, if I move my MainCharacter.

I Rotation working for you. LOL




This seems to be, what IMC.Wander already told me to do, but only the rotation. Thx and sry but that is probably not what I need.
You know, in my game the main character needs to control a “shadow” creature, which then copies the moves of my character exactly and without delay.
The shadow creature is in game an already existing Character which has an individual blueprint and the variables on it might already contain states and stats that are not default.
It might for example be a dragon, that has already lost 30% hp or something, and he might have a weapon picked up from the ground or whatever. That is the only reason, why I cannot use MuchToLearn’s Idea, which seems to be the closest so far.

So are you look at Replicating your movement or if you attack something IT will attack something, or a combination of both?


It will only replicate the movement, attacking and such stuff will only affect the shadow creature. My main Character will not be affected by fighting as long as he controls the shadow - that means if I preass a key to attack, the shadow will use an attack. He will lose control to the shadow, if the shadow dies or if he wants to leave it. I am trying to do this without possessing the Shadow, because the shadow has no Input routines no Camera control routines and nothing, it is an AI controlled Character until I start to control it as shadow.


If have got you right. you control your character and the shadow follows?

You are able to attack?

You are able to make shadow attack (with AI or Person).

Not you can do but you want to do.

Well I am not yet this far, first I need to replicate the movement, then I will make the shadow be able to attack.
I will trigger an Event with a keypress Event to make the shadow attack, that is how I plan to do it.
The shadow is not a pet that follows, he is more like a mindcontrolled character that will move and fight.
It needs to replicate move, replicate Animations, have Collision and the routines already attached to it,
that control his HP/Energy and stuff like that.

A simple move to with a radius would work for movement.

set a radius around character, it out of radius move to char, if in radius stop movement

As there seems to be no more effective way to do it, I now try to do, as IMC.Wander told me in his first post here.
These are my first Custom Events, and now I wonder, how I can call them from inside the MainCharacter EventGraph.


You need to create event dispatchers and bind those custom events to them. Then inside your player character BP you can cast to the clone’s and call those dispatchers.

Okay, thx ! I will report if it works !

I don’t know what is wrong, but there isn’t even an example on how dispatchers do work in the Documentation.
All I find on the net is already superbloated with complexity instead of an easy-to-understand example.

This is how it looks now on my Shadow :

And this is the call on the Main Character :
MainCharacter Call .jpg

What is wrong ? It won’t do anything, but the signal gets access to the event dispatchers call.