Clipping: Is it possible to "bend" a flipbook/sprite? (images for clarity)

I am making a 2d/3d hybrid from the ground up and one of the issues bothering me while I sort out all of the systems is the clipping I get from my flipbooks into the 3d assets of the world. The paper2d flipbooks are all rotated at an angle to match the camera system (-35 deg for anyone who is interested) which fits the style well, but due to the rotation the flipbooks clip.

(top chest is rendered the same way as the second image below, bottom chest is the original flat plane)

What I would like to do if it is possible is have two flipbook planes intersecting each other with the vertical non-rotated plane mirroring the original rotated flipbook. It’s important that they mirror each other and it isn’t another separate flipbook if possible to prevent having to redo all of the blueprints/make two spritesheets for each object (the top of the chest, bottom of chest). The most difficult part of this that I cannot wrap my head around though is that I would need to hide the extra non-necessary areas of the mirrored AND original flipbooks creating a seamless bent sprite plane for the flipbook.

Perhaps there is a way to bend a flipbook at a given height (needs to be modular for different heights) that I am unaware of? This would be an even better solution as I could apply it to my character to only “bend” at a certain height based on collision, so the further the clipping would be, the lower the “bend”. Could this be achieved somehow via a modification of the DefaultLitSpriteMaterial ?

Would love to hear some thoughts on how to solve this issue, im open to other means of solving clipping too if anyone has any other methods.