Clipping foliage at edges of screen.


I bought some assets online, but they clip at the edge of the viewport. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

  • Philip

@ClockworkOcean do you know the answer by any chance?

No idea, I’m afraid, but I suspect it’s either something to do with LODs or the mesh bounds?

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Came here across with the same problem in UE5.1. Digging down lead me to possible localization of the bug. It seems there’s something wrong with how Megascans leafs material or wind animation works with Nanite. At least since I changed tree leafs material to something simple like a solid color - it works as it should be.

Unfortunately, I’m not a guru to handle complicated Megascans materials, so my solution for now is just turning Nanite off on the trees. Sadly…

Anyone with working solution, kindly post it here!

EDIT: It’s definitely wind. When you turn wind off - no edge clipping is happening.

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I bet you that to prevent tanking performance the nanite system uses WPO in a screen space like fashion…

You can mask the wind out of the edges of the screen by using any vigenette like/screen space like mask.
It should solve the issue at hand while at least retaining some motion towards the center of the screen…

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because the nanite triangles get culling when it outside the camera Frustum, use command to close Frustum culling. r.Nanite.Culling.Frustum 0

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Thats all sorts of wrong (not you, them making nanite behave like this).

Disabling fustrum culluing is not the answer either.

Having a system that realizes any percentage of the tris is still within the fustrum and should therefore not be culled is sort of a huge must…

They could do even better by allowing bounds you can set to expant or contract the default camera fustrum…
In like 10 minutes of work probably, if the right guy looks at the file…

You are a true hero! I only logged in to tell you that. You’re amazing! Thank you very very very much! <3