Climbing system?

Anyone have an idea how you could set up a climbing system using the Motion controllers to grab onto and climb walls?

You’ve probably seen this before, but this video shows what looks like an oculus setup where the dude kinda just reaches up.

Could have it be activated by the triggers or the side buttons on the vive.

(I don’t have too much experience with UE4, so I’d be curious to know as well)

I’d be interested in this also, if anyone is working on a VR climbing system maybe you could give us some tips on how its done?

I got the below advice but it was in a thread where it was off topic so I don’t really want to keep asking questions there which is not fair. I’ve an OK enough understanding of BP’s but this one really has me stumped because there is no documentation out there for what I want to do. I’m not sure what blueprints I am supposed to use below. For example I don’t know which BP I’d need to use to “get controller difference from last position” if anyone has an idea let me know.


You may be able to get the position and orientation and use a floating pawn movement to only move up when certain “hooks” are contacted and the trigger pulled.

So like:

Player reaches up, pull trigger (or whatever input) → runs a blueprint to move pawn exactly the distance the controller moves → Then “reactivates” gravity once trigger released.

I’ve never done this but I’m going to try today

I’m at work for the next 8 hours but I’ll try this also when I get home tonight. Let me know how you get on.

Any success with this?

Base stations went down and now I’m just sitting here troubleshooting…


I’m also looking at mixing C++ / Blueprints - whereas before I had just copypasta’d some blueprints off examples
Needs to work!

EDIT: Base stations back up after a firmware update. I have an idea on how to go about this, using a world interactor to grab certain positions on a static mesh blueprint class - but then again I don’t actually know what I’m doing…