Climbing System with Specified Grab Points

I’m interested in creating a climbing system, but while scouring the internet for possible places to begin, I discovered a lot of complicated and immensely time-consuming stuff, and I noticed that majority, if not all of it, uses some form of collision or object detection in order to function. So I’m simply wondering if there’s any information available regarding creating a climbing system (or ledge grab system) in which I’m able to choose specific objects or ledges in which the character can grab? Any and all information would be helpful.

Hi Frostycane,

This thread has a LOT of information about that

You’ll learn what you ask and a ton more if you go through it.

For what you ask specifically, you can use special physics tag for the item you want to be able to climb on or not climb on. Pretty sure they had that covered somewhere in that post though.

I hope this helps


  • Marc

If anyone wants to find this thread now, here it is: