Climbing a moving object

Hi All,

A couple months back tcla75 posted a simple climbing solution using blueprints by updating the hand position and adding that new position to the character root. Although this worked for static objects, it does not work for moving objects. I’ve tried tackling this problem and have got the character to move with the object, but the collision goes crazy and shakes like mad. I made an imgur post of my BPs here. If there is anyone who knows how to fix this or has a solution that is better than the one I have made (mine has many bugs), please help.

Thanks in advance!

The solution, unless you really want to reinvent the wheel (which is admirable) or do something crazy, is to use mordentral’s amazing VR plugin which will handle this for you, and focus on making your game :slight_smile:

Hi Draxus,

Thanks for the advice. I did figure it out by adding an actor offset if the object is moving. The only problem is collision now, but if I can’t get that to work soon, I’ll probably use the mordentral plugin.