Client's Player Blueprint Will Not Run When Playing Over LAN Connection

I recently updated to 4.11 and in PIE joining session and playing the game works fine and even in packaged game on the same machine I can create a session and join it no problem but when I try and do it over LAN it will join but the client will not execute anything in it’s player blueprint. I’m lost and out of ideas. Any help would be great I will post some of the stuff that runs on the begin play node.

Hey there,

if everything is working via PIE and on the same Computer, then we will need the LOG Files of your Client and Server.

Please remove all existing LOG Files from your packaged game. Then Start the Server on one PC and the Client on a second PC. Then try to connect. If it fails, close both Games and go into the LOG Folder again.

Upload the files here so we can see what goes wrong.

I would guess that the Client gets kicked off while joining or something like that.

LOG Files can be found in the “\Saved\Logs” Folder of your game/project.

I have fixed it it. I went into the logs and found a error that said tick function something anyways. I fixed my problem by setting the tick interval in each blueprint back to 0.