Clients needs a 360 video app... duh !!!

Aight so ive been looking everywhere for this and only found 1 guy that did exactly what my client needs (im in the video editing business, ive fiddled with unreal alot before with modeling texturing and level design but not that much with BPs)

so this is what the client wants:

Basically the client wants an app that allows people to select differents 360 videos to play.
so yeah, the 360 video part, that i can handle. but the unreal 360 part of the project is still out of my hands atm.

Anyone can point me to tutorials that would help me pretty please :slight_smile:

Provided you don’t need to reproduce stereo 360 videos but just plain (mono) 360 videos, you can follow the method explained here:, but instead of projecting your video onto a flat mesh, you project it onto a sphere with inverted normals (you can create it in Maya or Blender, or use the skysphere mesh part of the Engine content).

Then you place your VR camera exactly at the center of the sphere, facing the right direction according to the center of attention in your video, and play the movie. That’s pretty much it.

It’s not related to UE, but I think you can make a 360 video player easily using javascript and compile it to make it an app, there are plenty of libraries to do that.

the problem with the 360 videos or videos in general is the dimension.
You can’t put more than 2GB into an app (unreal files included), so you will stuck with few or low res video…