Clients are Replicated only when they are in the server side viewport

Clients are Replicated only when they are seen from the server side viewport. For example, when I’m playing my project selecting client screen in the editor, applying damage to other clients players doesn’t work if the client players are not seen from the server’s viewport. When client players are seen from the server’s viewport, all works well. I’m using 4.19 version and any damage event and apply damage nodes in blueprint. Please help me out to find a solution

The clients only get updated if they are visible in the server view-port? That’s really strange! Maybe try it in 4.18 and post back, it sounds like some kind of performance update perhaps (assuming your code is all good).

I have the same problem but with overlapping (server or client, no matter which one) overlapping doesn’t work if it’s not in the viewport!

same result in 4.18. there must be some options that enable clients to be updated regardless of the server viewport

Sounds like a Relevancy issue.