Client Travel Error after Packaging


I’m working on a small multiplayer project and everything works fine so far. When I start the game in PIE or as a standalone game or even launch it in the editor it works perfectly. I got my minimalistic lobby which leads me to the server. No problems at all. However when I package the game and try to host a server it gives me the “Client Travel Error - Invalid URL”-Error. Seems like the packaging tries to use the wrong map which obviously wasn’t packaged. I’m a bit puzzled. Can anyone help me here? I already tried to include the map as an asset which always has to be packaged but this didn’t change anything.
Does the “loadMap”-Node require the absolute path of the map? It says only map name and in Editor it works fine regardless in which folder the map is laying.

Everything is written in Blueprints.


Same problem here, did you find a solution yet?


i’m sorry I havn’t found a solution yet. :frowning:

Hi Theololz and ,

Here is the AnswerHub thread from a user experiencing a similar error. Can you have a look and see if it might be related? Thanks very much!

Hi Theololz and ,

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Thanks very much!