Client to Server RPC refuses to be called

A motion controller blueprint class I have is being spawned and attached to a VR pawn that is owned by the player controller. Since the player controller owns the pawn which owns the motion controller actor, I should be able to perform a Client to Server RPC (Run on Server) in my motion controller actor. However, when I call the RPC from the motion controller actor, it simply won’t run on any connected client - only the server. Everything that I have found so far surrounding these issues points to problems with ownership, but when I check ownership on the motion controller actors, they belong to their respective clients and should be able to perform Client to Server RPCs. I’ve tried everything short of putting the logic into the player controller itself, which I want to avoid since it wouldn’t make sense to put all replication logic into one blueprint. The Client to Server RPCs I have on my player controller do work, so why don’t the Client to Server RPCs on actors owned by the player controller work?

I’ve read eXi’s UE4 Network Compendium and can’t find anything on the matter other than the fact that my actor passes all three RPC caveats:

1 - It is an actor making the RPC

2 - The actor is set to replicate

3 - The client owns the actor (i.e. is the authority on the actor)

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Update: I should also mention that the pawn class that possessed by the player controller can also make Client to Server RPCs, so it isn’t JUST the player controller that can make them…

Maybe too late. But one way I found workable is to wrap the call with a RPC in the very front of the call chain. This avoids server from using the client’s weapon which is replicated from server.