Client side UI mod

I want to make modifications to the UI. Starting just with displaying information in a more structured manner. Not adding information that is normally unavailable to the user.
The thing is I want to play on a server that would not want to install this centrally.
Can I make UI alterations, and bake the addon, and load them with a launch parameter or something?
If this all goes well and I learn a bit or two I’d like to do a major UI overhaul to the inventory, and also gamepad input. Gamepad input today sucks. There are missing features, some features are double mapped, and UI navigation feels like a one hour ad hook workaround solution. The Pie menues are great however, I’d reorganize them.

There is currently no such way to implement a client side only mod through the workshop. The only way you could achieve this is through modifying your game client but doing so may trigger VAC or at the very least assertion fails that prevent you from starting the game. Only thing I have seen done so far that has been client only has been texture replacements.

For UI modding however look here:

Thank you

I assume you can load mods with a launch parameter, though I dont know if this is condoned.

Hello am the Betu ,
I ascribe also issue a UI mod ! Are there templates .
Should nothing special to be just a picture and a little text !

I thank you in advance …