Client-side replication goes well on PIE Dedicated, but on compiled

Hy guys, usually i dont have errors or i can solve em by myself, docs or thinking something, but now i have a problem which i dont know really how to solve.

The thing is, i have a vehicle replicated from client side to server and then to clients (perfect smooth on client who drives the vehicle, in this case a drone). I were working for 2 months to achieve this like Rama’s Physics client side interaction.

When i got it 2 months ago i tested in PIE dedicated and it worked so well and smooth, and all perfect, but when i tried 2 days ago to do it in compiled it goes like laggy, like it cant get the 0.01 tick event which updates the position from client location to others with vectors. It suddenly goes like frame by frame teleporting.

Is not lag cause server compiled goes with 7 ping(x4=28 ms), in PIE it can be even simulated to 1000 ms and no problem, in compiled is the same too, it always go bad. Someone knows what can be happening? Perhaps different tickrates or ?

Thanks for the attention and sorry for my bad english, spanish stupid :frowning:

EDIT: I tested again and is so less difference, in PIE keeps going better but its not so much. I am using add impulse so its not the same as a wheeled vehicle who replicates the impulse given with events of parent wheeled movement, and u can use a teleport to position and it gives smooth and replication without notice, I will try to use Vinterp to with drone and if u want i tell u if it goes better, or replicating impulses too.