Client side jittery character movement / animations (Replication issue)

Hi Cakezilla,

Hard to say without more information. Maybe a screenshot of your rotation replication code will help. It does look like your client/server replication may be incorrect.

TLDR: Check this video to see my issue - UE4 Client / Server movement error - YouTube

Clearly an issue with replication or character movement or animation of some sort - not sure how I should try fixing this as I’m new to networking. :slight_smile: Any help much appreciated, here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Toggle Orient Rotation
  • Toggle use controller desired rotation
  • Uncheck always relevant in character details

I’m basically running just a ThirdPersonCharacter template, copied how UE have done their animation state machines, and tried to run 2 clients.

Happy to provide any other screenies - thanks for the help!

EDIT: Also found that for some reason client is not sprinting anymore? Replication error: sprinting - YouTube I ramped up the speed to clearly see and it just isnt working anymore…

Sorry for the dumb question - but screenshot of rotation code? ie: character blueprint? or some sort of settings in the default values? :slight_smile:


No worries mate. Can’t be sure without taking a look at the blueprints, but if its multiplayer you should be doing something like in this link for your character rotation.
link text