Client-server & metahumans

Hi, I’m trying to add a metahuman player character to my simple multiplayer project with dedicated server. When the client attempts to connect to the server and loads the server map, it says the following errors:

LogStreaming: Warning: Missing script import 0x7FE0EC0166871CD for package /Game/MetaHumans/Vivian/FemaleHair/Hair/Peachfuzz_M_Thin
LogStreaming: Warning: Missing Dependency
LogStreaming: Error: CreateExport: /Game/MetaHumans/Vivian/FemaleHair/Hair/Peachfuzz_M_Thin (0x1589B7F9E39136F2) /Game/MetaHumans/Vivian/FemaleHair/Hair/Peachfuzz_M_Thin (0x1589B7F9E39136F2) - Could not find class object for Peachfuzz_M_Thin

This repeats for Peachfuzz_M_Thin, Eyelashes_L_ThickCurl, Eyebrows_M_Messy, Hair_M_SideSweptFringe, Hair_M_SideSweptFringe_m_head_Archetype_Binding, etc.

Both the client and dedicated server are development-packed. In the editor, I can spawn the metahuman character normally and run around.

Any ideas? TIA

client-log.txt (38.1 KB)

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