Client - Server damage relation

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a bit of a situation. Currently I’m setting up a character that will be able to melee hit and use spells (projectiles in this case). My projectiles are working properly, they’re dealing the damage, and the health is being updated in the HUD.

It works in both ways, client is able to damage server, server is able to damage the client, client 1 is able to damage client 2.

However, this is where the headache kicks in:

I’ve created a Weapon1, added an animation to character for the swing, and captured the “damage points” Weapon1 has set up collision.
I am able to dish out damage from the server to the clients, but I’m not able to do anything in client vs client or when client hits server situations.

I’m getting the print that the collision is actually registered in any case, be it server vs client, client vs client or client vs server.

This is the setup for collision


Server is able to deal damage to ANY of the clients, however, clients are unable to deal damage to other clients or the server

Hi, I see at least one reasone why the client can never damage the server. In your second image you call ApplyDamage which will only work if the server calls it. That means the server must execute this. But you check OtherActor != GetPlayerPawn with index 0, so the server can never be damaged. GetPlayerPawn will return the local player pawn, so the server pawn when executing on the server.