Client prediction on a class that extends APawn


As some of you know, I’m working on a LAN network multiplayer game. The game I’m creating is physics driven, were force is used to move a physics box primitive component.

At the moment, the non dedicated server is handling the calculations for forces, and applying them to the servers players. Then everything is smoothed out by using a custom even that runs on owning client, and this sets world location and rotation. However, this is not good enough, since I can see delays between clients. For example, if one client is spinning really fast, it is out of sync.

My solution, use the character controller class, since it is network enabled…but not physics driven. Won’t work.

Second solution, I opened up the vehicle project, and my god, I’ll be damned, the movement of the vehile syncs f******* nicely across the net, from the wheels turning to spinning, but the parent class for that is AVehicle I believe, correct me if I’m wrong. Once again, my game is like hover tanks. So it won’t do.

Third attempt, go into unity, syncing physics across the network was something that you had to do…not enough time to make a dirty prototype.

What I have now works well, but I read some articles online
networking | Gaffer On GamesGame Networking

I came across client prediction and letting the server correct the client after the prediction. My question is, is this achievable in blueprints, or will I have to do it in C++ coding.

Second question, if I run the physics and let the client have authority of them moving their own hover tanks in the game, then telling the server their position to let other clients know, will this work. I know cheating blah blah, but it’s a LAN game…

Sorry if it’s not clear,