Client not responding to replication


I wanted to test out replication on ue4, I thought i had everything understood, but i cant seem to get the client to enable interaction or make it visible to the server.

My set up is very simple, it’s a blueprint with a cube, when button hit, the material flip-flops from blue to red. Here is my set up for this:

I’m calling these from the level blueprint with an authentication node.

Change_Material_Server seems to work, and is replicating on the client.
Change_Material_Player doesn’t work at all on the client, Its set to “RunOnServer” and its calling “Change_Material_Server” and i feel like this should work.

Is there a step I’m missing?


ChangeMaterialPlayer in the Remote node will be dropped by server because client not owned this.
But if you spawned it by the client after game began it’s will be passed.

check also this and this