Client Movement Replicating, But Too Fast and Jittery

When simulating multiplayer in UE4 by setting number of players to 2 and running in separate editor windows, my client is sped up (as in all of the animations appear to move faster, but the actual movement speed is the same). The movement is also very jittery when I try to walk or run, but other animations are fine apart from playing too fast. However, in the server’s window the client appears to be moving just fine and in the client’s window the server moves just fine. The issue is only when I try to play as the client in the client’s window.

I’m at a bit of a loss at this point, because in an older version of the project, there is no problem. I’ve isolated most of the differences between the two apart from the character model being different, but it’s possible there is a rogue setting buried somewhere I may be missing. Any ideas you may have, however small or seemingly obvious, I would greatly appreciate at this point.

Well, I’ve managed to fix the problem. Turns out it wasn’t anything scripting related at all. The solution was to create a brand new Animation BP and copy over the nodes, variables, and settings from my existing one to that one, so something must have happened to my old one. The editor crashed a couple of times prior to noticing the issue, so maybe the file got corrupted somehow.

A also have this issue, noticed another topic mentioned replicated animation speed being 1.5 - 2x also