Client FoV with Canvas Target Render is rotating by the latest connected player

I have been trying to create simple FoV for my multiplayer game.

I have created Post Process Material which have 2d Canvas render target as a texture.

Every tick I send current player position to Material for texture postition update and draw FoV texture into canvas.

This works fine with only one player connected. FoV is rotating and moving with a player.

However problem occurs with connecting second player. When second player connects, the first player FoV no longer rotate with 1. player but both players FoV now rotating with 2. player.

I thought that both players are getting FoV from same Canvas so I have tried to create Dynamic material instance with dynamic 2d Canvas render target as a texture parameter but with no success. Can anyone help me with that.

Nvm. Found out that each player needs to have its own canvas for FoV.